Discover the Porquerolles island
Port de Porquerolles avant d'arriver à La Bécane
Porquerolles, its port and its village

Porquerolles village, built in 1820, welcomes you all the year. You will find restauration points, and of course our rental bikes shop. All bike rides start from the village to different beautiful places of the island through paths.

Notre-Dame Beach

The Notre-Dame beach is a very beautiful fine sandy beach and it is less crowded than the other beaches of the island because of the long distance from the village. It is very well sheltered from the mistral in the west part and from the east wind in the east part. The pine forest and oak stand create cozy atmosphere on the back of the beach.

The Notre-Dame beach is a place where the time seams to stop…

Beach of the Courtade

The beach of the Courtade is the biggest one of the Porquerolles island. Very easy to access, it is the closest from the village, so the most domestic. The colour of the turquoise sea and its transparency, the spotless sand and the eucalyptus scents will let you a dream memory.

The forefront Prime and the Silver Beach

The Silver beach of Porquerolles is the most popular one of the island and attracts numerous families. It is located to 1 kilometer west to the port. It is also the only guarded beach. A very beautiful pine forest is also on the back of the beach.

plage langoustier à Porquerolles avec votre vélo La Bécane
Black beach of the Langoustier

A marvel sheltered from winds and wave swell. The bay of the Langoustier numbered two beaches : in the north, a spotless sand beach situated face to the Giens peninsula and in the south a black spotless sand beach. From the village, count 30 minutes by bike to go there.